Getting help with your pet – things to consider

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Chorley

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Getting help with your pet – things to consider

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Chorley

If your daily work schedule involves leaving your dog at home for long periods, you will no doubt be considering taking on the services of a dog walker.  After all, most dogs need and should be given a certain amount of daily exercise and, unless provided with toilet facilities at home, they will also require time outside to address this need.

Whilst there is nothing wrong per se with asking a relative, friend or neighbour to pop in and walk the dog/feed the cat/clean out the rabbit hutch, how confident are you that they:

  • Have the necessary experience and genuine interest in animals?
  • Would know how to deal with an emergency?
  • Have insurance in the event of an accident involving your pet?

Professional dog walkers/pet sitters should, at the very least, have qualifications in Pet First Aid, Dog Behaviour, Dog Walking/Pet Sitting as well as being DBS checked and having adequate insurance, both for the business and any vehicle used for transporting pets.  Perhaps taken for granted is that all dog walkers and pet sitters have a genuine love of animals, but it is important to ensure the best fit for your pet and your family.  To this end, an introductory meet and greet with a short walk is beneficial for all concerned.

Many cats would much prefer to have a “staycation” whilst their owners enjoy a well-deserved holiday than being placed in a cattery amongst potential enemies.  Being territorial, any time away from their home turf is stressful for a cat.  Pet sitting, involving visits to feed your cat (or other small pet), clean out their toilet area, supply fresh water and copious cuddles, in addition to checking the security of your home (such as taking in post/milk etc) can offer a far less expensive and stressful solution to the problem and your cat can continue to enjoy his/her home comforts.

After all, happy pets make happy owners.  It’s a win – win situation.  The professional pet carer is doing a job they love, your pet is given the attention they deserve and you arrive home to peace and calm, safe in the knowledge that your pet has been well looked after.

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