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Welcome to MyWaggyTails Chorley

MyWaggyTails is a fully insured 5-star rated professional pet-care business. 

We are THE choice for caring owners and discerning pets. I specialise in Toy, Small & Medium sized dogs.

MyWaggyTails provide Dog Walking and Pet Home Care services in Adlington, Buckshaw Village, Charnock Richard, Chorley, Clayton-le-Woods, Coppull, Eccleston, Euxton, Rivington and Standish areas.

 Pet First Aid Certificate

 DBS Security Checked

 Fully Insured

 Dog Walking Trained

 Pet Sitter trained

 Dog Trainer

 Animal Reiki Practitioner

Services Offered at MyWaggyTails Chorley

Dog Walking

Toy Dogs. Small Dogs. Medium Sized Dogs. Puppy Dogs. Older Dogs. Poorly Dogs. Countryside Walks. Sensory Walks. Solo Walks. Group Walks. Adventure Hikes. Friendly Pub Walks. Everyday Walks.

Dog & Puppy Training

Toy Dogs. Small Dogs. Medium Sized Dogs. Puppy Dogs.

Pet Home Care

Small Animal Welfare. Puppy Visits. Pet Home Visits

Dog Walking

Every-day ‘Amaze balls’ dog walking experiences, Chorley
Group walks for happy dogs. We specialise in Toy, Small and Medium sized dogs only.

If you are looking for dog walking services in the Chorley areas of Adlington, Buckshaw Village, Charnock Richard, Chorley, Clayton-le-Woods, Coppull, Eccleston, Euxton, Rivington and Standish, you’ve come to the right place.

MyWaggyTails Chorley specialise in small and medium sized dogs. I provide one-hour group walks in local beauty spots and parks that your dog will love.

I use insured (business usage) transport, with each pet carefully secured by an individual harness. My vehicle carries a pet first aid kit, water, bowls and even towels for those wet days. Naturally, we are fully insured, and dog first aid trained.

I offer a mixed blend of walks that includes training, play and sensory experiences. Group walks have multiple benefits: helping with socialisation, instilling good behaviour and increasing exercise.

Where 1-2-1 walks or shorter walks are required, I provide those too.

Your dog can be walked on or off leash, subject to your consent, the environment that day, your pet’s recall and group dynamics. Every dog wears a MyWaggyTails identity tag in addition to their own. We regret that we can only accept dogs that are microchipped. For ‘escapologist’ dogs, dogs with poor recall, where they are pre-notified in our Pet Information Form, I also have a small number of GPS tracking collars as a fall back.

At MyWaggyTails we structure our day and our walks to reflect the profile of the dogs in our care, and to ensure the right group dynamics and experiences for your pet.

I adhere to industry best practice for professional dog walkers as set out by CFSG, RSPCA, Dogs Trust and the Pet Industry Federation. A copy is available on request.

Please ask to see copies of my certificates and documentation.

Specialist Dog Walks, Chorley
Puppy/Older/Poorly/Solo Walks

Do you have a puppy who is still too young to join group walks? As a rough guide, a 5-minute walk for every month old is a useful reference. If you work during the day we can visit and ensure your puppy, poorly, post-operative doggy, or senior canine gets a toilet break, feeding, some sensory and brain games, play and some TLC. 

If you have a dog who thinks ‘two or more is a crowd’, we can do solo walks, or where shorter walks are the order of the day because youth or aching limbs dictate, again, we have certain walks specifically dedicated for such profiles.

Off Leash Exercise and Agility Dog Walks, Chorley

This is a great experience for problematic dogs and puppy training. A large and secure dog agility equipment and exercise field complete with a 6ft fence. This is a 30 minutes leash walk followed by 30 minutes off leash in a completely secure space, alternatively we can offer 60 minutes play and agility all off-leash.

Dog Training

Dog & Puppy Training, Chorley

I’m a qualified dog trainer and I offer a range of dog training services for puppies, juveniles and adults – toy, small and medium sized dogs. 

These include solo dog training walks, 1-2-1 puppy training classes (with owner), adult/adolescent dog training  1-2-1 (with owner) and 6-week training packages.

Pet Home Care

Home Pet Care, Chorley

Our ‘Pet Nanny’ (me!) will pop into your home as often as you require, throughout the day.   I will ensure your pets are cared for and if required, feed them too.  This can be a great stress-free alternative to a cattery or other boarding options.

My Home Visits provide in-home pet care for a wide range of pets from dogs and cats to hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and fish.

Home visits are ideal for puppies, post-op, and older dogs too.

While focused on your pet, a home visit can include in-home domestics, such as watering plants, taking in post, turning on lights and closing curtains.  All designed to keep your home safe and secure too.

Puppy Visits, Chorley

Wait… you have a puppy? How exciting! Is your puppy still too young to join group walks? Even puppy-only walks? If you work during the day we can visit and ensure your puppy gets a toilet break, feeding and some engaging company. 

Pet Reiki, Chorley

My journey with Reiki began several years ago when I stumbled upon a Reiki practitioner at a Mind, Body and Spirit Fayre and was given a free “taster” treatment.  I immediately felt the benefits and went on to receive the Level 1 and 2 attunements in order to practice Reiki, followed by the Master/Teacher certification. 

I use Reiki almost exclusively for animals and have always used it on my own pets for a variety of reasons, whether to aid my rescue pets in settling into their new home, dealing with past trauma or to promote post-operative healing, for example.  They love it and will often come and “ask” for a short Reiki session to soothe and aid restful sleep.

Reiki is a complementary therapy, it can work alongside but NEVER as a substitute for veterinary treatment.

Click here for more information on Reiki

Pawtastic services from doting doggy experts.
MyWaggyTails – Caring for pets by people you can trust.


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Everyday Amazing Dog Walks

1-hour Daily Group Walk £12.00
Puppy/Older/Poorly Group Walks £10.00
Solo Walks (Toy, Small & Medium sized dogs) £15.00

Everyday Amazing Walks - Bundle options (Payable first of each month in advance)

Weekly retainer 1 walk/week 48 weeks/year
5 walks/week Minimum of 20 days/month


Solo training walk
1 Hour
Puppy Training 1:1 with Owner
1 Hour
Adult/Adolescent Dog Training 1:1 (With owner) £30.00/Session
Packages for Puppy/Dog Training 6 sessions

Buy 5, get 6th free (No consultation fee)

Off Leash Exercise and Agility Dog Walks, Chorley

60 minutes Exercise and Agility Play for Small & Medium sized dogs £16.00

Home Pet Care

1 Visit Approx 20-30 minutes £9.00

Puppy Visits

1 Visit Approx 20-30 minutes £9.00

Pet Reiki (At your home)

1 Treatment £12.00

Enquire / Book

Please complete our Enquiry Form, checking for availability.

We will respond, advising you whether we currently have a potential space available.

If you are a first-time customer, we will then ask you to complete our Pet Information Form and arrange a convenient ‘Meet & Greet’. We will hold any dates requested until your pet’s 3 Step Check has been satisfactorily completed.

On satisfactory completion of our 3 Step Check, we will email you confirming the fact and ask you to confirm any provisional enquiry. 

GDPR Compliance

New changes to data legislation (GDPR and PECR) in 2018 require all organisations to be very clear and transparent about the use of personal data. We use your email address, first name and family name and other personal details as part of allowing you to access this website and in order to contact you with important information about your MyWaggyTails order and any changes to your account.

Please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy before continuing.

About MyWaggyTails Chorley

Chris Bell
Partner, MyWaggyTails Chorley

Meet Chris

A little bit about me…

Life before dogs and MyWaggyTails

I have always loved animals.  I grew up with cats, although other relatives and neighbours had dogs and it was a real treat to be allowed to walk and play with them.  I always wanted to work with animals, but I wasn’t particularly scientific at school and those opportunities somehow passed me by.

When I had my own children, cats and other small furries (rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, hamsters and a chinchilla) formed a much loved and doted upon part of our family life.  It wasn’t until ten years ago that I finally brought home a sprocker spaniel pup called Monty to join the merry throng and life took on new adventures …

When my children were still very young, I trained as an English teacher and worked as a supply teacher in both secondary and primary schools for ten years.  I spent a further fifteen years running school libraries and, although I really enjoyed working in education, my hankering to work with animals was still there.  What could I do to fulfil that part of me that wanted to spend more time with them?

In addition to joining and donating to a number of national and worldwide organisations committed to helping animals, I also spent my Sunday mornings for 4 years volunteering in an animal sanctuary, caring for cats, kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and hedgehogs. In fact, three of my four cats came from the sanctuary and live a happy, contented lifestyle, thank you very much!  The experience as a volunteer with rescued animals gave me renewed vigour and reaffirmed my passion to working with animals as soon as the right opportunity came along.

That opportunity happened quicker than I anticipated. Sadly, I lost my dad to a sudden stroke and, after being on automatic pilot for several weeks, I suddenly realised that life is too short to waste on unfulfilling work.  I gave up my full-time office job, started some canine first aid and behaviour training and adopted a female cocker spaniel as a companion for Monty who has always loved his walks and now has even more fun with his new friend! Working full time had meant that Monty had been at home all day alone which had made both of us quite miserable.  He needed company, exercise, mental stimulation but was only getting a quick walk before I went to work and another when I came home. 

So, I took the plunge, making the commitment to a ‘work’ life delivering excellent dog walking and pet sitting services, reducing the stress for pets and their owners … it was definitely the way forward.  Studying for qualifications has never been an issue for me and training for valuable, meaningful pet care qualifications has enabled me: to put everything together – my love of animals, my desire to care for your pets as I care for my own; to take your dog(s) out on stimulating, exciting walks that allow them to socialise and have fun; to cuddle and feed your cat whilst you take that well-earned break. 

Having a deep understanding of pet behaviour and years of experience with a variety of pets ensures their safety and well-being and your peace of mind.

My life now is enjoyable and fulfilled because I am doing something I have always wanted to do.  My passion for dogs, cats and animals in general has developed into something far more than “just a job”. I am privileged to be living my dream.

By giving your pet some fun/adventure/companionship/cuddles when you can’t, it’s a win-win situation. Everyone is happy, the stress factor is eliminated, and you can go to work, on that short break or cruise knowing that your pet is in safe, professional hands. I look forward to meeting you and your pet.

Qualifications – MA in Education, PGCE;
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma (New Skills Academy);
Dog Grooming (Stonebridge Associated Colleges)
Canine Behaviour Training Diploma
Canine First Aid
Dog Trainer course
Also    I am a qualified Reiki Master (complementary therapy – for use specifically with animals).

Contact MyWaggyTails Chorley

Please feel free to contact me anytime.
(I can’t always guarantee to answer. I may be busy dispensing cuddles. My phone is on Monday-Friday 7am-7pm)

In order of preference…

1/ Email:

2/ Text: 07840 414461

3/ Telephone: 07840 414461

Address: 265 Wigan Road Euxton, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 6HZ

MyWaggyTails Blog

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MyWaggyTails, 265 Wigan Road Euxton, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 6HZ
07840 414461

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MyWaggyTails, 265 Wigan Road Euxton, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 6HZ
07840 414461

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