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Welcome to MyWaggyTails Inverness

MyWaggyTails is a fully insured 5-star rated professional pet-care business. 

We specialise in Toy, Small and Medium sized dogs. MyWaggyTails is THE choice for caring owners and their discerning pets.

If you are looking for dog walking, pet sitting and pet home care services in Inverness around Dalneigh, Ballifeary, Scourguie, Kinmylies, Leachkin, Bught, Clachnaharry and Holm then you’ve come to the right place.

 Pet First Aid Certificate

 DBS Security Checked

 Fully Insured

 Dog Walking Trained

 Pet Sitter Trained

 Dog Trainer

Services Offered at MyWaggyTails Inverness

Dog Walking

Toy Dogs. Small Dogs. Medium Sized Dogs. Puppy Dogs. Older Dogs. Poorly Dogs. Countryside Walks. Sensory Walks. Solo Walks. Group Walks. Adventure Hikes. Friendly Pub Walks. Everyday Walks.

Pet Sitting

Overnight pet sitting and short-term sitting

Pet Home Care

Small Animal Welfare. Puppy Visits. Pet Home Visits

Dog Walking – Small & Medium sized dogs

Every-day amazing dog walking experiences, Inverness
Group walks for happy dogs

If you are looking for dog walking services in Inverness around Dalneigh, Ballifeary, Scourguie, Kinmylies, Leachkin, Bught, Clachnaharry and Holm areas, I specialise in Toy, Small and Medium sized dogs and you’ve definitely come to the right place.

MyWaggyTails Inverness provides one-hour group (and solo) walks in local beauty spots and parks that your dog will love.

I am insured for business transportation, with each pet carefully secured by an individual harness. My vehicle carries a pet first aid kit, water, bowls and even towels for those wet days. Naturally, I am fully insured, DBS security checked, and dog first aid trained.

I offer a mixed blend of walks that includes training, play and sensory experiences. Group walks have multiple benefits: helping with socialisation, instilling good behaviour and increasing exercise.

Where 1-2-1 walks or shorter walks are required, I provide those too.

Your dog can be walked on or off leash, subject to your consent, the environment that day, your pet’s recall and group dynamics. Every dog wears a MyWaggyTails identity tag in addition to their own. We regret that we can only accept dogs that are microchipped. For ‘escapologist’ dogs, dogs with poor recall, where they are pre-notified in our Pet Information Form, we also have a small number of GPS tracking collars as a fall back.

At MyWaggyTails we structure our day and our walks to reflect the profile of the dogs in our care, and to ensure the right group dynamics and experiences for your pet.

I adhere to industry best practice for professional dog walkers as set out by the RSPCA, Dogs Trust and the Pet Industry Federation. A copy is available on request.

Please ask to see copies of my certificates and documentation.

Specialist Dog Walks, Inverness
Puppy/Older/Poorly/Solo Walks

Do you have a puppy who is still too young to join group walks? As a rough guide, a 5-minute walk for every month old is a useful reference. If you work during the day we can visit and ensure your puppy, poorly, post-operative doggy, or senior canine gets a toilet break, feeding, some sensory and brain games, play and some TLC. 

If you have a dog who thinks ‘two or more is a crowd’, we can do solo walks, or where shorter walks are the order of the day because youth or aching limbs dictate, again, we have certain walks specifically dedicated for such profiles.

Adventure Hikes
Dog walks with a difference, Inverness

For doggies with more stamina, we offer adventure hikes. Our outings allow your fur-baby to socialise and relish being part of its regular pack. And while having fun and burning off tons of energy, we practice basic obedience through voice control.

Adventures Unleashed – Our off-leash adventures last around 3-3.5 hours, during which your pup will enjoy about 2 hours of fun exercise in some of Inverness and the Highlands best dog-friendly off-leash spots. Your doggy will socialise and play to their heart’s delight – so you’ll come home to a satisfied and happy dog. Every single time.

Leashed Adventures – This wholesome 2.5-hour leashed hike includes pick-up and drop-off and will stimulate your dog for around 3.5 hours in total. It’s a great option for older or movement-restricted dogs, as it represents a safe, low-impact and high-stimulation exercise. Hiking distance is usually around 7 miles.

(Subject to environment, circumstances and dog recall/training)

Off Leash Secure Exercise Dog Walk, Inverness

Our Off Leash Secure Walks are a great experience for problematic dogs and for puppy training. A large and secure dog exercise area with a 6ft fence. This is a 30 minutes leash walk followed by 30 minutes off leash in a completely secure space.

Pet & Poperty Sitting Services

In Your Home Pet Sitting Services, Inverness

Lots of vets will tell you that the best option for your pet(s), while you’re away, is live-in care at home. Depending upon your pet(s), it can make lots of sense, especially where you have a small zoo.

Your pets are happy & safe, they can get very stressed away from home – so that’s real peace of mind. Homeowners can save a small fortune in pet boarding fees. But most importantly, you get happy pets and a secure home.

Your very friendly ‘Pet Nanny’ (me!) can move in, sleepover or just pop by, as often as you require. As an experienced professional I will ensure your pets are well cared for and attempt to fill your shoes. This can be a great stress-free alternative to a cattery or other boarding options.

Whether you need ‘in-home pet care’ for dogs and cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and fish and… reptiles (I’ve even been trained in that!).

I draw the line at ironing but I’m more than happy with the little essentials, like bringing in the post or watering your tomatoes. I’m here to help.

Pet Home Care

Home Pet Care, Inverness

Our ‘Pet Nanny’ (me!) will pop into your home as often as you require, throughout the day.   I will ensure your pets are cared for and if required, feed them too.  This can be a great stress-free alternative to a cattery or other boarding options.
My Home Visits provide in-home pet care for a wide range of pets from dogs and cats to hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and fish.
Home visits are ideal for puppies, post-op, and older dogs too.

Each visit (up to 20 minutes) will include:

  • Providing fresh food and water
  • Litter box cleaning
  • Clearing up of any accidents
  • Cleaning of feeding area and bowls
  • Basic grooming
  • Administrating oral medications
  • Keeping your pet company

It can also include:

  • Home security check
  • Watering the plants
  • Opening/closing curtains
  • Bringing in the post
  • Lights on/off
  • Taking out the rubbish
  • And a pint of milk in the fridge upon your return home


All designed to keep your home safe and secure too.

Puppy Visits, Inverness

Wait… you have a puppy? How exciting! Is your puppy still too young to join group walks? Even puppy-only walks? If you work during the day we can visit and ensure your puppy gets a toilet break, feeding and some engaging company. 

Your puppy needs extra care and attention and it advisable not to leave them for too long, particularly during the early days of house training and whilst your puppy is settling into your home.

A puppy visit involves calling to your home to put down fresh food and water, cleaning up any accidents, replacing puppy pads, letting your puppy out into the garden, playing with your puppy and providing cuddles.

When your puppy is old enough we can take your puppy out for a walk and help to socialise your puppy with other dogs and people.

Free initial consultation visit.

Pawtastic services from doting doggy experts.
MyWaggyTails – Caring for pets by people you can trust.


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Everyday Amazing One Off Walks (Small & Medium sized dogs)

1-hour Daily Group Walk£12.00
Puppy/Older/Poorly Group Walks£12.00
Solo Walks£16.00

Everyday Amazing Regular Walks - Package Bundles (Small & Medium sized dogs)

Weekly retainer 1 walk/week 48 weeks/year
5 walks/week Minimum of 20 days/month

Adventure Hikes

Dog walks with a difference including pick-up and drop-off

Off-leash adventure hike£28
Wholesome 2.5-hour hike

(Subject to environment, circumstances and dog recall/training)

Off Leash Secure Exercise Dog Walks, Inverness

30 mins Leash + 30 mins Off-Leash walks £16.00

Overnight Pet sitting

Silver: Dinner 4-6.00pm. We return 10.30pm and stay until 7am. Includes morning walk£40.00
Gold: 12 hours stay with morning and evening walks included;£50.00
Platinum: Full time 24 hour sitting inc 2 walks (max of 3 hours away)£85.00

Normally up to 3 pets (numbers can be varied with consultation).

Home Pet Care / Sitting

 Pop-ins Per visit£9.00
Pet sitting / Day Sitting£10.00/hour

Puppy Visits

 Pop-ins Per visit£9.00
Pet Sitting / Day Sitting£10.00/hour

Bank Holidays
Services that cover bank holidays are available on request but they will be quoted on request.

My holidays
Shock, horror. I do occasionally take one, but I will always try and give you at least 3 months’ notice (and reminders). Thank you for your understanding.

Enquire / Book

Please complete our Enquiry Form, checking for availability.

We will respond, advising you whether we currently have a potential space available.

If you are a first-time customer, we will then ask you to complete our Pet Information Form and arrange a convenient ‘Meet & Greet’. We will hold any dates requested until your pet’s 3 Step Check has been satisfactorily completed.

On satisfactory completion of our 3 Step Check, we will email you confirming the fact and ask you to confirm any provisional enquiry.

GDPR Compliance

New changes to data legislation (GDPR and PECR) in 2018 require all organisations to be very clear and transparent about the use of personal data. We use your email address, first name and family name and other personal details as part of allowing you to access this website and in order to contact you with important information about your MyWaggyTails order and any changes to your account.

Please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy before continuing.

We love happy pets.

About MyWaggyTails Inverness

Diane Main
MyWaggyTails Inverness

Meet Diane

A teensie weensie bit about me (in case you want to know a bit about this animal groupie who occasionally feels guilty for relating more to pets than people (my people skills have got better over the years!).

Let me start with the Why. Why petcare?

I have always wanted to work with animals. I studied Biology and Chemistry at university and most of my working life has been in microbiology in the food industry with several companies around England. Having returned to my home town of Inverness I then spent about 10 years travelling the North and the North East as a retail auditor, carrying out a range of audits, including food safety and health and safety for major supermarkets, restaurant chains, etc.

Then when the company changed hands a few years ago and the new management came in, attitudes changed, the focus on priorities changed. It resulted in the loss of our biggest customer, someone I’d worked with for many years… it was frustrating, disappointing. I felt a bit lost. I couldn’t see something else beyond that.

I looked around… but the biology/microbiology opportunities in Inverness…well, let’s say there’s a lack of them. The only thing that was coming up, was Retail – and sadly that seems shaky at best and it wasn’t where my heart lay.

Then I saw the opportunity to launch my own petcare business here in Inverness and I thought to myself, it’s now or never.

So, I took a deep breath and studied for my dog walking and pet sitting diploma and my Level 3 VTQ in First Aid for Pets. I’ve also taken a course with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. And I’ve been DBS security checked plus, I’m fully insured. Please ask to see my certificates.

I have owned several dogs over the years. When I lived in Shrewsbury I volunteered as a dog walker at the Dogs Trust there. My last dog was a Rotty, Stella. She was a rescue. I miss her. Sadly, she got a kidney infection and I lost her.

Ironically, in my former life I had Pets at Home as a customer for many years. I was responsible for visiting branches and checking their pet care quality standards. The Pet Care Trust quality assurance standard for pet retailers is a retail standard for the inspection of pet retailers – similar to a BSI standard. It sets out agreed levels of good practice and it gives the pet-owning public reassurance about the health and welfare of the animals and about the specialist knowledge of the approved retailer.

So my process, quality control and auditing background meant I had to check others on:-

  • buying animals
  • animal care and hygiene
  • animal health and welfare
  • staff training and animal knowledge
  • health and safety
  • rabbits and rodents
  • birds
  • reptiles and amphibians

…and ornamental fish.

So at MyWaggyTails, I’m simply applying my years of practice to help pet owners. And yes, you read that correctly. I’ve trained in the care of amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates – I even have a certificate for that too! I should also add our previous family pets and animals have also included hens, cats, budgies, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, tropical fish and….stick insects!

I help run a weekly mediation class in Inverness. And I swim and do an aqua aerobics class once a week, and also I do pilates and yoga at least twice a week. I walk as often as I can. Dogs help.

So why MywaggyTails Inverness?

I’d like to think that people might say, ‘there’s probably no one with the breadth, depth, knowledge and experience in pet care around Inverness’.

If you truly want a real animal lover and pet care professional, to help out when you can’t, whether you have a dog or any other animal, or you can no longer exercise your pet yourself, I am here for you.

Peace of mind with the hardy highlander.

BSc (Hons) Biology and Chemistry, Staffordshire University, 1989.

Ordinary National Diploma Food Technology, West of Scotland
Agricultural College, 1982.
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma.

Dog Trainer course inc canine behaviour – Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

Pet First Aid Certificate Level 3 VQT

Contact MyWaggyTails Inverness

Please feel free to contact me anytime.
(I can’t always guarantee to answer straight away as I may be busy dispensing cuddles. My phone is on Monday-Friday 7.30am-7.30pm)

In order of preference…

1/ Email:

2/ Text: 07307 865 988

3/ Telephone: 07307 865 988

Address: 13 Maple Drive, Inverness IV3 5RJ

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